Next Show: March 21th, 2010

Special Guests:

•Douglas Wheatley (Star Wars: Dark Times)
Steve Rolston (Ghost Projekt, Emiko Superstar, Queen and Country)
Ken Boesem (The Village)
•Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer)
Kelly Everaert (Jungle Tales, Trilogy of Terror)
Miriam Libicki (Jobnik!)
•Mike Myhre (Space Jet)
•Andrew Salmon (Sherlock Holmes, Secret Agent X)
Robin Thompson (Champions of Hell, Hemp Island)
•Wai Khan Au
•Chloe Chan
•Beth Wagner
New Reliable Press
•Monster Attack Team Canada

Dealer Tables: $50/centre; $60/wall

Hourly door prizes!

Admission: $4.00
Kids under 14: Free

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